Nigel Acheson
Other Interests
   On the way to Nongoma.

Charles Aylen
   Leo, Age 3.

Jane Bedford
Other Interests
   ‘Where the Grass has lost its Way’.

Pauline Lisowska
Home Page
   Leo’s portrait.

Other Interests
   Organ Pictures, Dunkery Beacon, Running.

Tony Lo
Poet-Performer: Theatre
   Red Alert: this is a god warning. Photos 3, 4, 5 of sequence

Stephen Moreton-Prichard
Greek Theatre & Civilisation
   The black and white pictures of the Antigone dancers

Victoria Marlowe
Film Theatre TV & Radio
   Scouting Locations for Raven Warrior

Other Interests
   Queen Charlotte Islands

Chris Pearce, (
Home Page
   Black and white picture

   Return to Zululand.

Poet-Performer: Theatre
   Outside the Tricycle Theatre, Speck of Universe,
   Mining the asteroids, Zulu Homecoming.

Poet-Performer: Schools
   The Tracy Morgan Gang, My Lililee, Les Pickett sequence

Chris Schwarz
Poet Performer: Schools
   Performing to a youth club

Roger Shaw
Other Interests
   Iceland pictures

Caja Stort
   Zulu hut pictures

Film, TV, Theatre & Radio
   Zulu hut pictures

Eric Swayne
Poet Performer: Theatre
   Red Alert, this is a god warning. Photos 1,2 of sequence

Poet Performer: Children
   The Rymoceros black and white pictures.

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